Power or revolution? Revolution, says Jeremy Corbyn

Power or revolution? Revolution, says Jeremy Corbyn
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As Jeremy Corbyn is forced to fight for the Labour leadership, one of the main criticisms from his opponents is that he is more interested in turning Labour into a protest group, than a party that can win an election. This sentiment has not been helped by his Momentum comrade Jon Lansman recently claiming that 'winning' was for political elites.

However, it turns out that Corbyn may actually be on the same wavelength as Lansman. On Friday night Mr S made his way to the Royal Festival Hall to watch Corbyn in conversation with Ben Okri, the writer.

Here, Okri made the Labour leader answer some quick-fire questions:

BO: Poem or novel?

JC: Poem

BO: Dance or yoga?

JC: Yoga

BO: World peace or world prosperity?

JC: Peace

BO: Mountain or sea?

JC: Mountain

BO: To speak or to listen?

JC: Listen

BO: To change the world or to change the government?

JC: Change the world

BO: To be understood or to understand?

JC: Understand

BO: Power or revolution... you've got to choose

JC: Alright, let's be bold, let's go for revolution.

*Audience erupts into cheers*

Mr S suspects that the Tories may have already found some material for their posters in the next General Election.

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