Question Time: Will Ed Miliband take his lectern with him?

Question Time: Will Ed Miliband take his lectern with him?
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With Ed Miliband's expensive election guru David Axelrod rarely spied at the Labour leader's side, Miliband has found a new pillar of strength to get him through the campaign. Rarely a day goes by without Miliband being pictured next to a lectern:

Apparently his party believes that the lectern helps voters imagine him as Prime Minister. So you can imagine Steerpike's concern upon seeing a photo of the set for tonight's Question Time Election Leaders special. The picture, snapped by BBC political correspondent Ross Hawkins, shows only one lectern:

[caption id="attachment_9099732" align="alignnone" width="510"]It's a lectern emergency It's a lectern emergency[/caption]

Since David Dimbleby will most likely have dibs on it, this begs the question: how will Miliband cope without his comfort lectern? Perhaps the venue has a BYOL* policy?

Mr S has contacted a Labour spokesman to check whether Miliband will be bringing his own lectern for the occasion but has yet to hear back.

*Bring Your Own Lectern