Rod Liddle

Racism: Going overground?

Racism: Going overground?
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Some mad black woman has been arrested for screaming racist abuse about white people on a London bus. She said repeatedly that she hated whites, and was only in this country because 'your fucking people brought my people here.' I assume the courts will have to send her to prison, just so that they can be seen to be even-handed.

Jacqueline Woodhouse, a white woman, was sentenced to 21 weeks in chokey for being nasty about blacks and Asians, also on public transport. In fact there’s been a few of these cases recently, all dutifully filmed for YouTube, all taking place on trams or buses or trains. Perhaps the transport authorities should run special services for deranged racists where they can scream abuse to their hearts content without worrying about prosecution.

I have to admit that when I’m on public transport at seven o clock in the morning I don’t like black people very much and wish they would all go back somewhere. But then at that time of the day I don’t like white people any better and I wish they would go back somewhere too, although God knows where. Wales maybe. Anywhere. Perhaps we should just accept that public transport brings out the worst in all of us and — when the tension spills over — just forgive and forget.