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Real airbrushing now

Real airbrushing now
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From Stalin to Mr Bean back to Stalin again?  Turns out that Gordon Brown's new 'Real Help Now' website has already been airbrushed to delete references to action being taken by his political foes, in this case the SNP.  Here's how they report it: 

Efforts taken by the Scottish Government to help the economy through the recession have been “airbrushed” from a UK Government website less than twenty-four hours after they were listed on a site launched by the prime minister.

Yesterday (Monday) the UK Government’s “real help now” website highlighted SNP Government action, such as the Council Tax freeze and flexible business support, as key efforts being taken to combat the financial crisis – today the items have been removed and replaced with a link to an out-of-date Scotland Office statement.

Commenting on the change, SNP shadow Scotland Office spokesperson, Angus MacNeil MP, said:

”Just hours after launching this website and Gordon Brown has already had it airbrushed. He is now looking more like Winston Smith than his spindoctors' preferred role model of Winston Churchill. Problem is, for Brown, it's more difficult to airbrush out history in this digital age.  Here's a screenshot of how the site looked before, with the references to SNP policy in the top right corner: