Revealed: doggy drama at No.11 Downing Street

Revealed: doggy drama at No.11 Downing Street
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It's been a tumultuous month for Her Majesty's Government -- and that's just regarding their pets. As well as an ongoing turf war between No 10's cat Larry and the Foreign Office's chief mouser Palmerston, there is now a third feline on the scene. The Treasury have today announced that they have fostered their own cat, by the name of Gladstone.

However just in case that wasn't enough animal mayhem for Westminster hacks to take, Mr S understands that a new top dog may be about to enter the frame. Philip Hammond is considering moving his pet Welsh Terrier Rex to No.11.

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Rex Hammond[/caption]

However, Steerpike hears that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has been telling friends that he is rather nervous about adding the canine to the already fragile ecosystem. The issue? The terrier has a penchant for chasing cats.

While the Treasury are yet to respond to Steerpike's request for comment, Mr S imagines that so long as Rex behaves he ought to be a welcome addition to the mix. After all, a dog is likely to be more helpful than a cat when it comes to tackling Downing St's rat problem.

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