Revealed: The mastermind behind Ukip’s foxy election merchandise

Revealed: The mastermind behind Ukip's foxy election merchandise
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You might have thought Ukip bosses would want to distance themselves from their outspoken and eccentric candidate Winston McKenzie after he organised the disastrous 'Carnival of Colour' in Croydon last year before going on to declare that Farage was bigger than Jesus.

However, Ukip don't play by the usual rules. In fact senior party figures wear their allegiance to Winston on their sleeve, almost literally. At the launch of the party's pledge card in Westminster on Monday, party chairman Steve Crowther proudly sported a handmade purple fox that looked like it might have been made by a primary school child.

In fact rather than beeing the work of a seven-year-old, it was more of McKenzie's delicate handiwork. After he gave an animated performance on Sky declaring that the Ukip fox was in the establishment hen-house, McKenzie has been making and selling these jolly little badges ever since.

'Well it's a conversation starter,' chortles Crowther...

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