Rishi’s taxing speech

Rishi's taxing speech
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Oh dear. It's safe to say that Rishi Sunak is not having the best week. Although the Chancellor's made the news every day, it's more because Tory MPs are complaining about various Treasury tax proposals than because they have anything nice to say. While the jury's out on tax rises, it seems that the Chancellor has at least begun to come up with a plan to calm tensions in the party over his Autumn Budget.

Sunak was photographed leaving No. 11 today holding written notes – never a particularly good idea for a frontline politician given all the cameras unless of course they have a message they want to get out. 

Sunak went on to give the speech in full in an address to the 2019 intake. Mr S has the full text:

'We will need to do some difficult things, but I promise you, if we trust one another we will be able to overcome the short term challenges. Now this doesn’t mean a horror show of tax rises with no end in sight.

But it does mean treating the British people with respect, being honest with them about the challenges we face and showing them how we plan to correct our public finances and give our country the dynamic, low tax economy we all want to see.

We cannot, will not and must not surrender our position as the party of economic competence and Sound finance. If we argue instead that there is no limit to what we can spend, that we can simply borrow our way out of any hole then what is the difference between us and the Labour Party'

Steerpike wouldn't call that a no...

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