James Forsyth

Saluting the fallen in Afghanistan

Saluting the fallen in Afghanistan
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It is to be hoped that Prince William’s visit to Afghanistan for Remembrance Sunday was a morale boost to the troops out there, a reminder that the nation appreciates their courage and salutes their dedication to duty. It was a gesture—but a worthwhile and important one.

The idea for Prince William to spend Remembrance Sunday in Afghanistan was Liam Fox’s. Fox was keen to have senior representation in theatre to show the troops that they were not a forgotten army and the whole visit was arranged several months ago.

Fox and the Prince flew out to Afghanistan on a scheduled military cargo flight yesterday morning. They was nothing grand about the trip, they bedded down around freight boxes and replacement equipment that is heading out to the front line.

British troops have been in Afghanistan these past nine years and will almost certainly be there for the next couple. It is imperative that the nation remembers them even when the issue drops out of the headlines.