Sam Cam’s advice on how to deal with #piggate: ‘you might get a few oink oink noises at school’

Sam Cam's advice on how to deal with #piggate: 'you might get a few oink oink noises at school'
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Last year Lord Ashcroft appeared to exact revenge on his old foe David Cameron, with a section in his unauthorised biography of the Prime Minister which suggested that Cameron had once enjoyed intimate relations with a dead pig. While Cameron soon became the subject of much ridicule, No.10 refused to comment on the claims.

However, it appears that Cameron's wife Samantha felt more comfortable discussing the claims. The comedian Jason Manford claims that he discussed piggate with SamCam on the set of The Great Sport Relief Bake-Off. Filming began a week after the Daily Mail published the claims as part of their serialisation of Call Me Dave:

'It was the week after - what shall we call it? #PigGate. It was after that had happened. Now I don't think it's true, I don't think it happened. I sort of brought it up. I thought "I'm just going to mention it".'

Happily, Samantha appeared to have the situation under control. Manford claims she said she had warned the couple's children to expect a 'few oink oink noises' -- adding that they ought not to get into any fights over it:

'I said "Has it been all right at home, and stuff." And she said 'Yeah, you know, I just said to the kids Monday morning "You might get a few oink oink noises at school but just try not to fight with anybody".'

Samantha's parenting advice clearly impressed Manford. Although he is not a Conservative voter yet, Manford says the party would be wise to 'roll her out more'.

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