Sarah Champion does a Leadsom

Sarah Champion does a Leadsom
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Here we go again. During the last Conservative leadership campaign, Andrea Leadsom came under fire for suggesting that having children made her a better choice to be prime minister than Theresa May. In an interview with the Times, the mother of three said having children meant she had 'a very real stake' in Britain's future. The furore over Leadsom's comments was a contributing factor in her decision to pull out of the contest.

Now it seems that Sarah Champion has taken a lesson from the Leadsom rule book. In an interview with the House magazine, the Labour MP suggests that tackling child sexual abuse has taken a back seat since Theresa May became Prime Minister – lamenting that David Cameron had more of an interest because he is a... father:

'I do not feel with this government that [tackling child sexual abuse] is a priority at all. David Cameron got it and I think he got it because I went to him as a dad rather than going to him as a politician.

And I got him to meet some of the survivors of Rotherham and one of the mums whose child went through it. So, we engaged with him on that level, which is why he then crusaded as a dad, wanting it for other people’s children.

Theresa May was great when she was Home Secretary and then as soon as she shifted to PM it’s dropped off the radar. It’s clearly not a priority for them. It’s someone else’s problem.'

Mr S suspects that you don't have to have children to see tackling child abuse as a priority...