David Blackburn

Sarko pulls it off

Sarko pulls it off
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The news that Nicolas Sarkozy has cancelled a proposed flying visit to London, in order to smooth over the fall out from his attack on the City, has got tongues wagging. Adam Boulton reports:

‘It's claimed Sarkozy asked for this week's meeting to patch things up. So by implication their (his Westminster sources) argument goes - if it isn't happening it’s because Brown is snubbing Sarko and not the other way round.’

This line doesn't convince. According to the Elysee's diary, Sarkozy is otherwise engaged tomorrow, so the finance cordiale will now take place at…wait for it… the European Council meeting in Brussels next week. Why would Brown give away a vital meeting on home soil in favour of one held during the Franco-German Euro-circus? Surely it’s Sarkozy who’s made a very calculated snub?