Say Nay to Kay

Say Nay to Kay
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There I was, enjoying a liquid lunch with a senior Tory who is long beyond accepting any front bench job, when we were interrupted by his vibrating iPhone. He raised an eyebrow at the private number. Could this be the call of which more ambitious men have been dreaming all reshuffle-day? Apparently not.

Hello... yes, yes it is. Oh BBC or Sky? Sky eh, who is it? … No, no not her. Anyone else. Well can’t you try someone later on? … Why not? … I will tell you why not: because Kay Burley is a thick as two planks and there is no point in being interviewed by her ... Ok ... Yes, see what you can do. Thanks. Bye.’

Poor Kay. Some say that Sky News’s afternoon act has a certain je nais se quoi which makes for fantastic viewing and a compelling interview. Others obviously disagree.