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Smile, smile, smile

Smile, smile, smile
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Finally, Gordon Brown has at last done something to cheer us up - and released what is perhaps the funniest video ever to come out of No10 (watch it after the jump).

Now that his dirty tricks unit has been exposed, he's trying to come across all friendly and cuddly - and has given a video annoucement of his crackdown on Tory second jobs, disguised as a tightening of MPs expenses. He stops short of breakdancing, but only just. He's addressing a horribly serious issue: the near-fraudulent abuse of expenses by MPs. But he shuffles, waves his hands and beams as if he's playing Santa at a kiddies party. Occasionally, he lapses into his dour old self. Then, it's as if someone is holding up a card saying 'SMILE' or 'MOVE YOUR BODY'.

Anyway, video below. I bet No10 staff wept with laughter producing it. If someone out there is clever enough to put it to music, and have him repeat the body shuffles a few times, it will be a YouTube sensation:

UPDATE: Here's my 12-point guide to the moves on display:

1) COMIC PAUSE He has a great pause after "Going around the country, I've been struck" - just enought time for the viewer to say "I bet you have".

2) VANISHING GRIN It has has entirely gone after ten seconds. Maybe because he realised he fluffed his line (saying "comments made ABOUT young people," not by young people".

3) THE SHOULDER SHIMMY at 0'12 Lunges left and right, getting down with da kidz as he talks about firemen and nurses etc.

4) HAND PUSH at 0'20 Marks the end of the shoulder shuffle, and then it's glowering time.

5) POWER SHRUG at 0'42 The arms and hands join the shoulders in an upward burst.

6) "YOU KNOW..." at 1'18
Blair would always interject these 'y'knows' into his speech - but when you can fake sincerity, you've got it made.

7) SMILE CARD HELD UP - 1'32 We can't see the "smile" card behind the camera but someone seems to have lifted it just then. Or maybe a small electric shock.

8) "INTERIM" at 1'42 Does Brown not know that "interim" is not a word used in the real world? When Blair started to use this jargon "I do not resile from..." you know he'd lost it. Brown, of course, never really had it.

Swings from sullen and dour to zip-a-dee- do-da, in a way that is just terrifying

10) POWER SHRUG at 2'09 Shoulders go way up, and he's focusing on the move so much he garbles his words

11) SHOULDER SHUFFLE at 1'18 As he boogies on down from right to left, he slurs his words again. Doing words and the actions is confusing the poor man.

12) FINAL SMILE CARD He goes all dour then at 3'06 you can see his eyes dart to the right of the camera. SMILE, PRIME MINISTER! He does so.

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Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

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