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So. Farewell then, Bill Kristol

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Tough news for neoconservatism. From today there'll be no more Bill Kristol columns in the New York Times. One could react to this news in a number of ways. Here, for instance, is Peter Wehner's view, courtesy of the good folk at National Review Online:

Kristol agreed to a one year commitment at the Times, and while there he offered views and facts to its readers that they otherwise didn’t get—and repeatedly made arguments that must have made Pinch Sulzberger’s skin crawl. That is a tribute to both the rightness of Kristol’s views and his unwillingness to temper them for the sake of the Times...Bill Kristol will survive and prosper. I’m not so sure the same can be said about the New York Times.


EJ Thribb

So. Farewell then, Bill Kristol

You weren't very good,

Just rather boring.

Once a neocon. Now an old con.

Not missed, but nor forgotten.

I guess these are the worst of Times for you.

Sad, but true.

sensible diagnosis

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