Rod Liddle

Sosban fach yn berwi ana tan

Sosban fach yn berwi ana tan
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I see that the BBC has been told there will be no increase in its license fee plus it must look after the World Service and S4C. Good.  It should increase the funding to the World Service, which is one of the few things foreigners like about Britain and which pitches its journalism on a comparatively high intellectual level.

What to do about S4C, meanwhile, is simple: close it down. Virtually nobody watches it – well, actually, LITERALLY nobody watches it. A recent survey showed that almost 200 of its programmes had zero viewers. What an epic waste of money just to assuage the sensibilities of some of those miserable, seaweed munching, sheep-bothering pinch-faced hill tribes who are perpetually bitter about having England as a next door neighbour. S4C has become a state funded sinecure for the utterly talentless, the dregs who cannot even get a job at HTV (Cymru); a corrupt political sop of not the scantest interest to even Welsh people. Bin it, Johnny Bach. Bin it.