Peter Hoskin

Spinning an atrocity

Spinning an atrocity
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Paul Waugh's got it spot on.  The Muslim Association of Britain's statement on Sudan and Darfur today is utterly disgraceful.  Rather than supporting the ICC's decision to charge the President of Sudan, Omar Hassan Ahamd al-Bashir - who has encouraged the rape and murder of thousands of civilians, many of them Muslim - with war crimes, they describe it as "reprehensible".  Their thinking?  That similar prosecutions haven't been launched against war crimes in "Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya", as if that somehow mitigates the atrocities that al-Bashir has instigated.

It's reminiscent of the Muslim Council of Britain's disgusting decision to boycott Holocaust earlier this year.  Organisations such as the MCB and the MAB should have a major role in fostering social cohesion in this country.  But all too often their actions just seem designed to provoke resentment and divide.