Rod Liddle

State sanctioned sex

State sanctioned sex
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After bullying from the government, our major internet providers are now ‘filtering’ pornographic websites, so that children don’t get to see them. However, a BBC Newsnight study revealed, with great alarm, that this filtering often blocks access to sexual advice sites aimed at children. Such as, for example, BishUK, which contains helpful advice on how youngsters can pleasure one another and how absolutely marvellous it is to be gay, you really should try it. ‘If you are going to have vaginal or anal sex with toys, fingers or penises, I think that you should know how to make it as pleasurable as possible as well as making it safe….’ one section begins. Lovely. I mean, by toys, is it referring to Lego?

I wonder which is more harmful to the kiddies? Svetlana from Minsk demonstrating in an enthusiastic and athletic manner, with her ankles behind her ears, one of the benefits to have emerged from the end of the Cold War, or Bish with its creepy, matey, encouragement. Both are pornographic, you might argue; but one is state sanctioned and Svetlana isn’t.