Stick around for a Corbyn premiership? ‘I’d rather walk to Sudan,’ says Channel 4 star

Stick around for a Corbyn premiership? 'I'd rather walk to Sudan,' says Channel 4 star
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A brief trawl of the Foreign Office's travel advice for Brits thinking of paying a visit to Sudan will tell you that's it's not the best idea – with cholera, the threat of terrorism and clashes between government forces and rebel groups on the menu. What's more, the British Embassy no longer registers UK nationals in Sudan so help in times of crisis may be limited.

However, for Levison Wood, it sure sounds a lot better than living in the UK under a Corbyn government. In an interview with the Telegraph, the Channel 4 adventurer says that if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, he would leave the country and... walk to Sudan:

'For the record, Wood says he would “definitely walk back to the Sudan” if Jeremy Corbyn ever becomes prime minister.'

When Wood previously visited Sudan and South Sudan for a Nile expedition, he said South Sudan had the worst case of war he had ever encountered:

'One guy tried to attack me, and threatened to kill me. They were attacking anyone western, who they associated with the UN, who they felt was supporting the other side. The entire marketplace had been burnt to the ground. Banks had been looted. There were hundreds and hundreds of burnt-out cars. Mass graves everywhere.'

Just wait until the Jon - 'f--- the Tories' - Snow gets wind of what his colleague has been saying...

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