Rod Liddle

Stop the BBC’s racism

Stop the BBC’s racism
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I saw the BBC’s Crimewatch programme last night and was, as ever,  sickened by its inherent racism. It has reached a point where something really ought to be done: perhaps, like my colleague Charles Moore, I should withhold my license fee until they get with the programme, as the Americans like to say.

As usual they had some dapper copper pointing to a board of miscreants whom the police cannot find, presumably because they are overwhelmed with paperwork or sorting out imaginary hate crimes; the public is requested to dob them in. Of the ten faces on this rogue’s gallery, accused largely of violent crimes, eight were non-white. It is the same every time this programme is broadcast, a deliberate attempt to suggest that non-white Britons are overwhelmingly more likely to commit crime than the whites. Clearly, this cannot be true. The real proportion of non-white rogues in the gallery should be about ten per cent, ie equivalent to the population of non-white Britons. And yet week after week, it’s about 80 per cent instead. How can they get away with this? Who is editing Crimewatch these days, Nick Griffin, or Julius Streicher? And the thing is, it sits so awkwardly with the rest of the corporation’s broadcasting, which is impeccably fair-minded, as I know you will agree.