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Sunday shows round-up: Ukraine could see ‘biggest war in Europe since 1945’

Sunday shows round-up: Ukraine could see ‘biggest war in Europe since 1945’
Boris Johnson. Credit: BBC
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The Prime Minister has been attending the annual Munich Security Conference, where the prospective Russian invasion of Ukraine is very much at the top of the agenda. The BBC’s Sophie Raworth caught up with Boris Johnson yesterday, following a speech he made warning of the disaster that war would bring. Johnson said in the interview that he believed that Vladimir Putin was ready to orchestrate such a crisis at any moment:

‘It is important that people should feel confident again’

Tomorrow, the government is expected to announce its plans to remove all Covid restrictions for England. Raworth asked if this would erode the government’s ability to act decisively if complications reared their head again in the future:

‘Not a jot I can say’ over partygate

Unsurprisingly, one of the issues bought up in the interview was the police investigation into partygate and the questionnaire that the Prime Minister has filled out on the matter. Johnson repeatedly stated that he could not comment any further on a process that was ongoing, but Raworth was not easily deflected, drawing the segment out for six minutes:

Wes Streeting – Ending legal self-isolation ‘not the right thing to do’

Raworth also interviewed shadow health secretary Wes Streeting, asking him about the government’s proposals to lift Covid restrictions. Streeting was sceptical, especially over the decision to end free Covid tests:

Labour will be ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’

Raworth asked Streeting about a comment made by Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner on a podcast hosted by the comedian Matt Forde that she was ‘hardline’ on law and order, claiming that she would ‘shoot terrorists and ask questions second’. Streeting argued that Labour had to restore itself as a party that took crime seriously:

Michelle O'Neill – ‘Now is the time to plan’ for a united Ireland

And finally, David Blevins of Sky News spoke to Sinn Féin’s deputy leader, Michelle O’Neill, who stands a very good chance of becoming Northern Ireland’s First Minister after the Assembly elections – due to take place in May: