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Syria debate: the sensible and profound punditry on Twitter

Syria debate: the sensible and profound punditry on Twitter
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At 10.00pm last night, Parliament votes against giving British approval to an American missile strike that was going to happen with or without us. But to the New York Daily News, it's a sign that the British have gone AWOL. And to many in Britain, it's a sign that the world has ended. Here's a selection of the more emotional responses to last night's vote:

In 50 years trying to serve my country I have never felt so depressed/ashamed. Britain's answer to the Syrian horrors? none of our business!

The Respect MP George Galloway who rediscovered his liking Labour…

It was also a victory for Ed Miliband who helped engineer the balance of forces which brought about an historic victory for parliament

…before becoming tangled up on what hue has said about the supply of chemical weapons to the region:

One MP was keen to offer non-hypocritical advice to the Prime Minister:

Would Cameron please explain what he's trying to do. Preferably in Englisg

While other activists may have read too much into the situation:

After yesterday "historic" vote on #Syria, Churchill's statue in Parliament Sq will be replaced by Neville Chamberlain's


Cameron must resign. What was his role in the chem attack pretext for bombing

Some of the hawks on Fleet Street were not impressed with the outcome either:

The second I go on holiday a good portion of the House of Commons appears to want to abdicate Britain's status a serious country. Lame.


I do not give a fuck what this means for Miliband and Cameron. It's the message it sends to Assad that counts. I am ashamed.


Britain has become a nation of crisp-eating surrender monkeys.

Everyone’s favourite other party has tried to muscle in on the Westminster action, despite a lack of representation:


UKIP calls on William Hague to resign following Syria vote

And let’s not forget the deleted tweets from MPs and MEPs who didn’t think before putting thumb to smartphone:

Saddened to see that *PREGNANT* Lib Dem Bearsden MP @joswinson voted FOR the attack on Syria & its children #noshame


Paddy Ashdown & other strutting make-believe Napoleons mourn loss of UK World Policeman role that cost UK £50bn & 643 lives in last 10 years


Support the war or terror – Support Assad – Stop Cameron