Tech blunder adds to MPs’ results day nerves

Tech blunder adds to MPs’ results day nerves
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It is results day in the House of Commons as nervy MPs wait to find out their future. At long last the Boundary Commission for England has today revealed its conclusions on the future of Westminster constituencies.

It is the latest development in a decade-long saga which has previously failed to change the parliamentary map. This time though the expectation is it will go ahead, with new constituencies finalised in 2023. Those who see their constituency go will have to compete with a party colleague to stand in a neighbouring seat or move across the country to a safer seat as part of the infamous 'chicken run' tradition as Mims Davies did in 2019.

The mood of jittery MPs fearing their future has not been improved however by Parliament's long-standing technical issues. Just like A-level results day, parliamentarians were this morning sent an email with a link to a Google Drive where they could find out if their constituency was unaffected, amended or abolished with each MP only able to see their own patch. Unfortunately some of the nervous politicians clicking on the link were treated to a melodramatic delay before being greeted with a message informing that they did not have access to the drive and would have to obtain permission in order to do so.

Judging from some of the early reports as to who is safe and who is not, Mr Steerpike suspects it is not the last time some MPs will be shut out of Parliament.

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