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Teflon Dave?

Teflon Dave?
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In the latest post on his excellent blog, Benedict Brogan characterises Cameron as "Teflon Dave" - the man to whom no slurs will stick.  Brogan's claim relates to the media's apparent reluctance to report an inconsistency in Cameron's PMQs performance this week.  As Brogan writes:

"If IDS had been caught out like this, we would have had a field day. But Dave is on the up. He has the wind in his sails. He's wearing Teflon. Just as no one is troubled by his odd refusal to give a straight answer on the smoking question, so this memory lapse/poor briefing episode (I'm sure it's no more than that) is not finding a willing audience. The World Tonight might be having a go later, but what does Mr Brown do if the narrative about Mr Cameron no longer allows for bad news?"

Brogan's right that Cameron may be getting off lightly here.  But I think Brown needn't worry too much, as he clearly sports a superior brand of Teflon suit.  Of course, the media all-too-readily picked up on Peter Hain's resignation and the party donations row - just as they picked up on the Derek Conway scandal - but the latest polls actually record unwavering support for Labour.  Now that's what I call non-stick.