Rod Liddle

The bad points of England’s 6-1 victory against Panama

The bad points of England's 6-1 victory against Panama
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But on the down side…...

1. Still too little quality and threat from open play.

2.  Raheem Sterling is very short of confidence for someone with a bad muthafucka AK47 tattooed on his leg.

3. The defence can still be horrendously dilatory and loose. As we saw with the Panama goal and three times in the first half when we gave the ball away pointlessly.

4. When Jordan Henderson tries to pass it forwards rather than sideways, it always goes out of play.

I think it’s important that when your team wins 6-1, you sift through the entrails for the bad points.

On the other hand, this is England’s best start to a world cup since they invented the world cup. Unless you count West Auckland.