Peter Hoskin

The big week ahead

The big week ahead
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After the historic events of the past two weeks, it seems odd to say that the next few days are the most important of the coalition government so far.  But, until the emergency Budget on 22 June, there's little that will hold quite so much significance as tomorrow's announcement on spending cuts and the Queen's Speech on Tuesday. This will be a major chance for the coalition to get more of the public onside for a programme which is set to last years.

In which case, it's unsurprising to read that the government will sweeten the medicine of cuts by hastening through some of its most radical, positive policies before summer recess.  School reforms, a Great Repeals Bill, and Parliamentary reform – all are expected to be introduced in double-quick time.  And then welfare reform and the next steps of Gove's schools policy, among other things, after the summer.

One other reason for doing as much as possible, as quickly as possible, is that, relatively speaking, the coalition is operating in a political vacuum at the moment.  Without a permanent leader in place, the Labour party seems rudderless and distracted.  The coalition can expect fiercer opposition to their plans after September.