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The boy who drank

The boy who drank
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Today’s papers carry a rather exasperated quote from the publicist of Daniel Radcliffe, the young actor who plays Harry Potter. Responding to questions about whether Radcliffe had, shock horror, been drinking at his 18th birthday party:

“The question as to whether Daniel was or wasn’t drinking alcohol at his birthday party last night, I am not willing to discuss. Daniel is now 18 and the question of whether he chooses to consume alcohol at a private function or not is completely up to him.”

But the publicist rather spoils her point by going to great lengths to deny that Radcliffe had been “drinking Fosters or any other lager” while watching the cricket at Lords during the day.

If Radcliffe can’t have a few drinks, in public or private, onhis 18th then when can he? It is hardly like he went on some Lohan-esque binge. And please spare me the role model talk—nearly everything that Potter does falls in the don’t try this at home kids category.