James Forsyth

The coalition passes the easy bit with flying colours

The coalition passes the easy bit with flying colours
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The first press conference of this new era was a definite success. The body language between Cameron and Clegg was good. When Clegg called Cameron ‘Dave’ it sounded very natural.

Cameron’s argument was that the two parties could have come to a confidence and supply agreement but that would have been ‘uninspiring’ and could have broken down at any time. What the Prime Minister didn’t mention is that the coalition agreement ties the Lib Dems into cuts as well as providing stable government.

Clegg was excellent, as in the debates he is helped by being a little bit taller than Cameron. He defused any tension when Andy Bell reminded Cameron that he had dismissed him as his favourite joke with a bit of humour.

Having said all this, this stuff is the easy bit. The hard bit will come when there’s a genuine difference of opinion or one of the two parties starts sounding off, saying something is a compromise too far.