The Daily Mail’s new favourite Europhiles

The Daily Mail's new favourite Europhiles
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Ahead of the government's supreme court appeal against the high court ruling that Article 50 cannot be triggered without a Westminster vote, the Daily Mail ran an article suggesting the judges who ruled against the government were 'enemies of the people'. What's more, the paper then ran a handy guide which ranked the 11 Justices of the Supreme Court by giving each a 'Europhile rating'.

However, after today's ruling, Mr S wonders if the paper will have to rethink its approach to some arch-Europhiles. Although the government lost its appeal (and will now need to trigger Article 50 with a vote in Parliament), three Justices of the Supreme Court found in favour of the government. And just who were they? Well, two are among the most Europhile judges, according to the Mail.

Step forward, Lord Reed and Lord Carnwath. Carnwath received the full 5* rating thanks to his tendency to use EU laws to support the environmental agenda, while Reed was given a 4* rating thanks to the fact that he's 'spent a big portion of his adult life working for European institutions'.

Is justice blind after all?