The Economist beats the Guardian to appoint its first female editor

The Economist beats the Guardian to appoint its first female editor
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With the Guardian still to name their new editor-in-chief, the Economist has thrown down the gauntlet by appointing their first female editor.

Zanny Minton Beddoes will succeed John Micklethwait to be the magazine's next editor, making her the first female editor in its 172 year history.

Formerly the publication's business affairs editor, Minton Beddoes interviewed for the post last Thursday, beating off competition from Tom Standage, the magazine's digital editor, and the foreign editor Ed Carr. It's thought that her wealth of knowledge about the US from her time working in Washington made her the favourite for the coveted role.

A popular choice amongst her peers and colleagues, Minton Beddoes is known for her intelligence as well as her sartorial style. 'She's extremely sharp and wipes the floor with anyone in an argument,' Mr S's mole whispers. 'She also raises the stakes when it comes to office glamour, opting for leopard print and high heels.'

Sounds like Theresa May 2.0

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