Sebastian Payne

The first big EU referendum battle: Will Straw vs. Dominic Cummings

The first big EU referendum battle: Will Straw vs. Dominic Cummings
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The two major EU referendum campaigns have gone public over the last week: ‘Vote Leave, Take Control’ and ‘Britain Stronger In Europe’. Both camps have formidable campaigners at the helm: Dominic Cummings for Vote Leave and Will Straw for Stronger In. They both passionately believe in their causes and are prepared to do whatever it takes to win. Cummings is renowned for his tenure as Michael Gove’s special adviser, where he successfully took on the education ‘blob’, the Whitehall machine and some in his own party. Straw founded the Left Foot Forward blog, before working at the IPPR think tank. He also stood as the Labour candidate in Rossendale and Darwen at the last general election.

Many are wondering what makes these two characters tick, and how they intend to fight the referendum. We’re delighted to bring Straw and Cummings together for a Spectator debate next week on whether the EU bad for business. Along with Andy Bagnall from the CBI and Helena Morrissey from the 30% club, the pair will go head-to-head on the business case for staying or leaving the EU. As usual the debate will be chaired by Andrew Neil, so it’s set to be an informative and fiery event. Whether you’re a Westminster watcher, a concerned businessman or simply a curious observer, the debate will be a fantastic introduction to the EU debate and the characters behind both campaigns.

Tickets are selling fast but we still have some left — you can purchase them here. We hope to see you there.