James Forsyth

The FT is still the Brown ‘un

The FT is still the Brown 'un
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Most of Fleet Street might have abandoned Gordon Brown but judging by today’s editorial the FT, along with the Mirror, will be with Brown to the end. In its editorial today it praises Brown’s “prudent suggestions” for the G20 meeting. It goes onto say that “the G20’s aim should be to provide political cover so that governments – including the UK’s – have the room to continue running large deficits, if sustainable growth should prove to be further away than hoped.” Then, bizarrely, it goes onto say that the “prime minister faces both ways on bankers’ bonuses” as if this is a good thing.

In a way, it is unsurprising that the FT is still generally supportive of Brown and Labour, they both share a fairly corporatist worldview. But it is a sign of how things have changed that the two dailies that will back Labour at the next election are the not so odd couple of the Mirror and the FT.