James Forsyth

The Greek land mines that Cameron must avoid

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When the topic of Greece comes up at PMQs, David Cameron will need to avoid stepping on three land mines. The first task is not to say anything about what is going on in Athens, or Rome for that matter, that will exacerbate market anxieties. The second is a diplomatic challenge, to avoid anything that would sour Britain’s pitch ahead of the G20. The third, and perhaps most difficult one, is to keep his own backbenchers on side.


An ever growing number of Tories doubt that a 17 member Euro and fiscal union is in Britain’s, or Europe’s, interests. Already, some Tory backbenchers are talking about going to Greece, if invited, to campaign for a No vote. Cameron will need to avoid antagonising this group. He’d also be well advised not to get dragged into saying anything that could be interpreted as support for the Franco-German effort to get the Greek vote called off.