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The Ingenuity of the British Journalist

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Is such that, as you know, there's no need to bribe the fellow. From Simon Hoggart's Guardian column today:

A colleague of the late Raymond Jackson, "Jak" of the London Evening Standard, had an interesting tale. Jak was famous for including the names of firms - restaurants, pubs, even skip hire companies - in his cartoons. He would then sell the originals to the people mentioned, so getting two substantial fees for each drawing. What I hadn't realised is that he used to pre-sell the slot. He'd ring up Knight, Frank & Rutley, for instance, and ask if they wanted to appear as the estate agent that day. Then he'd call Strutt & Parker and see if they offered more. Only when the auction was over would he start on the drawing.

Doubtless one is supposed to disapprove of this sort of thing.

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