James Forsyth

The Lib Dems are spared by idiotic students

The Lib Dems are spared by idiotic students
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The violence at today’s student protest is, politically, a boon to the coalition. The story now is not the Lib Dems breaking their word but the storming of Millbank. The violence will also have cost the no-fees cause much public sympathy, we don’t like attempts at aggressive direct action in this country.

There are questions that need to be answered after today, why were the cops so unprepared for the protest turning violent? I crossed through the protest at lunchtime and then it was quite clear that there was potential for trouble. I’m also bemused as to why it is taking so long to put a stop to the violence and deal with those involved.

Given the political environment, this might well not be the last protest to turn nasty. It’s essential that those responsible for today’s trouble feel the full force of the law.