James Forsyth

The Lib Dems attack Labservatism

The Lib Dems attack Labservatism
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In this post-expenses election, there is going to be a considerable vote going for the none of the above party. The Lib Dems are clearly determined to try and tap into this vote. At PMQs in recent weeks, Nick Clegg has constantly sought to attack Labour and the Tories as different sides of the same coin. Last night in his closing statement, Vince Cable accused Labour of being ‘in hock’ to militant unions and the Tories to millionaires with their snouts in the trough. The message their trying to get across is clear: they’re both as bad as each other. Now, the Lib Dems have launched quite an effective site attacking the Labour Tory duopoly on power in Britain since the war.

The challenge with this kind of campaigning for the Lib Dems is to translate people’s irritation with the two main parties into actual support for them. I expect many people will nod along with the Lib Dem’s negative attacks on the two main parties, but still no go out and vote Lib Dem.