Peter Hoskin

The political year in ten videos

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With Westminster winding down for Christmas, and Coffee House with it, it's probably time to start looking back on the year in politics. In which case, here's an opener: a chronological selection of ten videos that capture the some of the glories, iniquities and embarrassments of 2010. If CoffeeHousers have any alternative suggestions, then just shout out in the comments section, and we can add them to the bottom of this post. Here goes:

1.Terror on Downing St: The Movie

A Taiwanese news report about the bullying allegations made against Brown in Andrew Rawnsley's book. The computer animations are astonishing, to say the least:

2. Gordon Brown calls the election (and the sound fails him)

3. I agree with Nick, and the TV debates

4. Gordon Brown and Gillian Duffy

For my money, this ties with the sixth video, below, as the defining moment of the year:

5. The election's most effective - and longest - attack video

6. David Cameron's Big Comprehensive Offer

7. Gordon Brown resigns

8. Ed Miliband wins the Labour leadership

9. Ed Miliband, Son of Brown

10. Cable goes to war (and loses)

Ok, this last one isn't strictly a video, but it's too juicy not to include: