The politics of Meghan Markle

The politics of Meghan Markle
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After Kensington Palace announced Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive into what the Suits actress will mean for the monarchy - with some even suggesting the union is good news for the special relationship.

Although the royal family is meant to stay strictly neutral with respect to political matters, Markle's time as a public figure in the acting world means that several of her political views are already known.  First off, Markle is a Cameroon – previously praising David Cameron on social media for being a 'class act':

As for that special relationship, it's unlikely she'll wish to extend an invite to President Trump for the wedding – or welcome him on a state visit. Prior to Donald Trump's election, Markle suggested she would move to Canada if he was elected:

'It's really the moment that I go, we film Suits in Toronto and I might just stay in Canada. I mean come on, if that's reality we are talking about, come on, that is a game changer in terms of how we move in the world here.'

Happily, it seems England is a suitable substitute...

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