David Blackburn

The Prince is playing politics

The Prince is playing politics
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Lord Mandelson argues in the Evening Standard that Labour’s legislative programme has the Tories running for cover. The forthcoming debate should prove this thesis to be nonsense. 7 minutes of largely rehashed policies, including all the old favourites – equality, the ‘smarter’ state and so forth, is unlikely to give Cameron sleepless nights.

I suspect Mandelson knows this as there is little substance to his argument. The article contains more insinuations than an episode of Midsomer Murders. Mandelson writes:    

‘David Cameron seems to be getting a little rattled. Following his flustered performance at PMQs last week, he seems shocked and disconcerted to be facing a political fight again.’

‘Seems’ is a weak word to support the claim that the underdog government have the opposition on the run. Recently, Mandelson has been ubiquitous, in all his guises. When he can’t make a spin stick, you know Labour is in trouble.