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The rebels haven’t gone away

The rebels haven't gone away
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Nick Raynsford just delivered perhaps the most articulate on-the record version of the rebels’ case that we have heard. Raynsford stressed that periods where government have huge majorities and the opposition are in chaos are not conducive to proper Parliamentary scrutiny—pointing both to Thatcher’s second term and Blair’s first two. Interestingly, a lot of the Labour people who have spoken out today are veterans. Perhaps, it is because they have less to lose. But, I think, more important is the fact that they understand the consequences of the kind of defeat that Brown is leading the party to.

PS This day has been full of bizarre moments and comments but Harriet Harman calling Glenys Kinnock, who was the wife of the Labour leader more than a quarter of a century ago, ‘a fresh new face’ when challenged by John Snow about this being a re-tread Cabinet takes the biscuit. 


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