James Forsyth

The scene is set for a bust-up

The scene is set for a bust-up
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PMQs today is going to be the last time that Gordon Brown and David Cameron face-off against each other before the debates. Both men will be keen to score pyschological points against the other and to send their troops off in good heart. This means that PMQs will be an even noisier affair than usual.

But both leaders will have to remember that if they behave in the debates as they do in PMQs it would be a disaster for them. The aggressive, shouty nature of PMQs would not translate well to the debates.

One thing to watch today is what Nick Clegg does. He’s racheting up the rhetoric again, repeating his claim that the other two parties are corrupt. It’ll be interesting if he takes the opportunity of PMQs, where he has tried to lump the two main parties together as part of the problem for the past few weeks, to launch a heated denunciation of the whole system.