Martin Bright

The Shaming of Gordon Brown

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Gordon Brown clearly didn't read my blog post before last. There was something biblical about his humiliation in Rochdale. His loss of dignity was total.

It wasn't as if the status of Gillian Duffy as an archetypal Labour voter had not been telegraphed - father singing the red flag at Manchester Free Trade Hall, working for the local council for 30 years. With disabled children for goodness sake. Everything was shouting: "Be nice to this woman. She is one of ours."

In public the Prime Minister could keep up the act. But his comments in the car revealed too, too much about the decadent state of Gordon Brown's Labour machine.

What happened today is a significant betrayal of every candidate and every party worker currently pounding the streets to get Labour re-elected.

I had a message today from a former Labour MP saying that the campaign is now over. I think it is worse than that. Rochdale was a moment of such genuine awfulness that it would demand genuine leadership to extricate the Labour Party from this. But it effectively no longer has a leader.