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The Spectator Podcast: Cameron’s ‘Project Fear’, David Bowie’s politics and Brighton’s Brideshead set

The Spectator Podcast: Cameron's 'Project Fear', David Bowie's politics and Brighton's Brideshead set
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In this week's issue, James Forsyth reveals the strategy that David Cameron will use to campaign for Britain to stay in the EU. He’ll campaign not just on the economics, but on security – arguing that Britain is safer as part of the EU collective: safer from the Russians, safer from terrorism. Isabel Hardman, the new presenter of the Spectator podcast, is joined by James and Fraser Nelson to discuss the implications of such a strategy.

Much of the week's news has been overshadowed by the death of David Bowie. But what exactly made Bowie such an important figure? In his column this week, Rod Liddle argues that it's simply because he was a terrific musician. Kaite Welsh disagrees. She believes Bowie's contribution to  modern life went far beyond his music.

And finally, has Brighton gone Brideshead? In this week's issue, Julie Burchill laments the rise of posh students taking over her beloved Brighton. She's joined by Tim Stanley from the Telegraph - another Brighton resident - to discuss whether there's anything that can be done about this.

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