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The Spectator Podcast: can Theresa May persuade the EU to renegotiate?

The Spectator Podcast: can Theresa May persuade the EU to renegotiate?
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It's been a hectic week in Westminster. After the Brady amendment passed on Tuesday, Theresa May finally got a second chance to get her Brexit deal through parliament.

But can she persuade the EU to renegotiate?

James Forsyth writes in this week’s cover article that there is good reason to think the EU will budge, but persuading Brussels is only one of the challenges May faces. To finally pass her Brexit deal, she might have to reach across the aisle for some Labour votes. And does the 'Jacob Rees-Mogg--Len McCluskey strategy' have any chance of success?

James is joined by Peter Foster, the Europe editor of the Telegraph, calling us from the heart of the action in Brussels.

We also discuss the chaos in Venezuela with Stephen Gibbs, who is reporting from the capital Caracas. He discusses his piece in this week's magazine exploring what everyday life is like for Venezuelans – who struggle to maintain a sense of normality even as they live in a country with an inflation rate of 1.7 million per cent. Noting that foie gras continues to be served in upmarket Caracas delicatessens, Stephen reveals how hyperinflation in Venuzuela has created two drastically different worlds: those who can afford the American dollar, and those who can’t.

Also joining Stephen is journalist Joanna Rossiter, who tells us all about Juan Guaidó, whom the EU and America have recognised as the leader of the country, in place of the current president, Nicolás Maduro.

Finally, why use an induction hob? You must have seen them around, or perhaps you’re a convert already. These sleek hobs don’t create fire at all, and instead cook using magnetic currents. They’re meant to be safer and more efficient than gas hobs, but Ysenda Maxtone Graham writes in this week’s Spectator lamenting the loss of warmth, literally and metaphorically, in induction.

She is joined by James Ramsden, a Michelin-star chef and an induction hob convert. He explains how the glossy, transportable hobs became all the range in the pop-up and street food scene.

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