The Sun gets cold feet about Labour

The Sun gets cold feet about Labour
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Earlier this month the Sun's election website ran a story about their plans to back Labour. In the online article, they teased that the paper was backing Labour, something which would come as a shock given that their owner Rupert Murdoch has an ongoing feud with Ed Miliband.

— Tim Gatt (@TimGatt) April 2, 2015

However, upon further reading of the article it became clear that instead of backing Miliband in the general election, they were simply supporting a rather dashing mutt called Labour in a greyhound race.


Now word reaches Steerpike that little Labour had originally been meant for greater stardom than a fleeting mention. In fact, Mr S's mole says that what with all the money and time the paper spent on the stunt, Labour had been meant for the front page:

'It started out as an April Fools' prank with the original plan to run a splash saying "The Sun backs Labour". However, everyone got cold feet that  readers would just see the headline, not read any further, get confused and think that the paper was actually supporting Red Ed.'

Given that a recent Survation poll claims Labour has a four-point lead on the Conservatives, Mr S suspects that Murdoch will be relieved they didn't lead any of their readers astray.