Peter Hoskin

The Tories’ new poster campaign is a massive improvement over the last

The Tories' new poster campaign is a massive improvement over the last
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I know there's a danger of expending too many words on poster campaigns, so just a quick post to flag up the designs the Tories launched this morning.  There's one of them above, and two more based on the same theme - "I've never voted Tory before, but..." - which you can see here. To my eyes, at least, they're a massive improvement over the last, graveyard poster: refreshingly positive, while also attacking The Way Things Are Now.  

Now, I know there are CoffeeHousers who liked the Death Tax poster precisely because it got down 'n' dirty, taking the fight to Labour.  But, despite their sunnier front, these latest posters will also hit Labour where it hurts.  After all, one of the ideas that Brown & Co. constantly try to push is that, behind the Cameron veneer, it's just the same, old Tories; that the Conservative Party hasn't changed to attract new voters.  These posters are an explicit challenge to that argument.  And, despite the inevitable #ivenevervotedtory posturing on Twitter, they make that challenge quite effectively.  


A final point: these posters have links to webpages where you can see, and hear, more from these new Tory voters.  It's a good way of linking old campaigning methods with new, and of saying more than you usually could in the space of one billboard ad. Expect this kind of cross-pollination to become the norm.