James Forsyth

The Tories still want to repeal the hunting ban

The Tories still want to repeal the hunting ban
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It might be Good Friday, but with the election only a little more than a month away politics is continuing pretty much as normal. This morning, we’ve already had more business leaders coming out in support of the Tory position on National Insurance, a combative Bob Crow demanding that John Humphrys apologise for using the word rigged in connection with the RMT strike ballot and later on David and Samantha Cameron are making a joint appearance at a social action project in Hackney.

One thing that surprised me in the papers this morning was a quote in the Indy from the head of the League of Cruel Sports suggesting that Cameron is backing away from his position on hunting. This doesn’t tally with everything that I’ve heard.

If the Tories have a majority, they’ll put repealing the hunting ban to a free vote and win. As well as being personally committed to repeal, Cameron knows that it is something he can do which costs no money and will please the Conservative base. Even a small Conservative majority should see the ban repealed. The pro-hunting lobby tells me that only a handful of Tory candidates in winnable seats are not for repeal.