David Blackburn

The Tories’ Treasury mole exposes Labour’s cuts deception

The Tories’ Treasury mole exposes Labour's cuts deception
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On July 2nd, Gordon Brown told the House of Commons: “I have always told the truth and I've always told people as it is...we don't want to have the 10 per cent cuts the Conservatives are talking about.

The Tories’ extremely destructive Treasury mole has leaked documents proving that Labour has been planning substantial cuts in front line services since before the budget. The DEL figures, printed below, are key: suggesting that a cumulative 9.3% cut was planned for 2011-2014, and Paul Waugh is right to point out that these revelations may explain why the government delayed its comprehensive spending review.

This leak is such a coup for the Tories that George Osborne told the Today programme:

“And now we know that Gordon Brown misled the public, misled Parliament, was not telling the truth, was sitting all the time on internal Treasury documents telling him the real truth.”

After a catastrophic summer, I’m not sure how many more nails the government’s coffin can take.