Peter Hoskin

The tragedy of Smeargate

The tragedy of Smeargate
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Sure, he wears his politics on his sleeve, but the Mirror's Kevin Maguire has not done himself credit during Smeargate.  James picked up on his blog post at the weekend, which made merry with one of the slurs against Cameron.  And now his column today contains this line:

"The tragedy of Smearsgate is Brown's writing grovelling letters to Cameron & Co when he should be putting them on the spot."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd have thought the tragedy of Smeargate is that we have a No.10 operation which regards unrestrained bullying and innuendo as legitimate political methods.  In light of that, it may seem superfluous to pull out one sentence from Maguire's writing.  But, so long as the disgraceful actions of Brown and his inner circle are watered down and excused, then the culture of intimidation in Westminster will continue to thrive.