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The truth about Jesus of Nazareth

The truth about Jesus of Nazareth
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I’ve just received email notification of a debate I sadly missed at the East London Mosque entitled ‘Was Jesus a Muslim Prophet or a Christian God?’ The email came from a thoughtful chap called Abdullah Al Andalusi who informs me that the speakers tended towards the former, rather than latter proposition. Indeed, there was a ‘powerful refutation’ of Christian dogma on the subject.

I am genuinely saddened to have missed this debate, as it’s the sort of thing which is always fun to chew over. As a consequence I have it in mind to arrange a similar sort of intellectual pow-wow — a debate which asks the question: ‘Was Mohammed a Jewish haberdasher or a Muslim prophet?’ with the speakers, again, tending towards the former position and possibly involving a powerful refutation of Islamic dogma. Tickets will be £5 and you can buy them on the door, along with your complimentary NBC suits.