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The View from 22 — North Korea and Asia’s arms race, and Owen Jones vs. Toby Young

The View from 22 — North Korea and Asia's arms race, and Owen Jones vs. Toby Young
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Are Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reforms necessary to bring fairness to our benefits system? This week's Spectator leading article argues the work and pensions secretary returned to front-line politics for one reason only — to end the present waste of human potential. Author and Independent columnist Owen Jones disagrees; he debates with our associate editor Toby Young on this week's View form 22 podcast (10:38). Will IDS' reforms radically change the welfare system for the better? Is the government striving for more or less equality? And will the coalition's legacy stand up to closer scrutiny from the left at the next general election?

Clarissa Tan discusses her cover feature on Asia's arms race (0:41). North Korea is not the only cause for concern in the area; several of the fast growing economies are spending their money on weapons of all shapes and sizes, not just Gucci handbags. What does America think about the rapid rise in armament, and will Uncle Sam do anything about it?

Plus, James Forsyth discusses David Cameron's legacy (6:20), his current standing with his party and whether he'll be remembered as a transformative or, to quote the education secretary, a 'fag-end' leader. You can subscribe through iTunes to have it delivered to your computer every week, or listen with the embedded player below.

The View from 22 — 4 April 2013. Length: 38:21

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